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What thermistor is suitable for infant body sensor

NTC thermistors with negative temperature coefficients are commonly used in many industries, mainly due to their resistance changes (decrease with increasing temperature) and sensitivity to temperature . Today I will introduce to you a product for infants and young children-infantile body sensor. The response time of NTC thermistor is fast and the temperature measurement is accurate. In the infant somatosensory sensor, the parents can be notified in time to increase or decrease the clothes for the infants and children, so as to avoid overheating and overheating.

This infant body sensor sensor has a simple structure: the host (with indicator, power switch, alarm piece and somatosensory clothing socket), receiving clothing And somatosensory clothing (use a plug cable to connect with somatosensory clothing outlet). The most important NTC thermistor is connected in series on the underwear of body-sensing clothing, in front, back, top and bottom.

Three features:

1, NTC thermistor with high sensitivity , Can accurately reflect the infant's feelings of hot and cold;

2, as long as an alarm signal is issued (an alarm will be issued after the quilt leaves the baby), in order to Remind parents to cover babies in time to prevent babies from getting cold and sick;

3. Compared with most of the annunciators, the alarm accuracy is accurate; the scope of adaptation wide.

The new telemeter with NTC thermistor can send out an alarm in time to remind parents to put the quilt on the baby It can also send out alarm reminder in time. This new type of telemeter is more practical and safe, and can be used safely.

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