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Ultra-precision temperature probe size standard

Weimintong Sensor Solutions launched the MBB series of ultra-precision standard measuring probes, designed for standard parameters in the application of various quality control, industrial measurement and testing equipment Plan with high accuracy and repeatable measurements. The spring-loaded AC-LVDT can be used for roundness measurement, car inspection, metal component measurement and material inspection.

The LVDT probe adopts stainless steel probe assembly and 8 mm diameter shell, and the protection grade of the shell is IP-65. High-precision linear ball bearings can supply smooth probe movement without static resistance and excellent repeatability. MBB series measuring probes use a linear ball bearing assembly mounted on a non-rotating probe shaft, which can generate an output voltage that is linearly proportional to the probe shaft orientation and has a minimum radial open space. Using AC-operated LVDT for probe shaft displacement can greatly reduce the errors caused by the conflict, and then the orientation of the policy surface can be measured with high precision

MBB series is based on LVDT The standard measuring probes of the new type can more accurately replace the mechanical orientation indicator and digital dial indicator. They are very reliable, have more than 100 million cycles, and the linearity is less than 0.05% of the full range. There are three standard plans for the MBB series measuring probes: ± .040 inches (± 1.0 mm), ± 0.100 inches (± 2.5 mm) and ± 0.200 inches (± 5.0 mm). Units are 0.315 inches (8 mm) and 0.375 inches (9.5 mm) in diameter.

Weimintong supplies DC-operated signal conditioners, such as the NTCQwik-CAL signal conditioner, in combination with MBB standard measuring probes to create a flawless linear orientation The measurement system can output calculated quality control data on manufactured parts. Installing several gage probes in suitable fixtures can also create a system for inspecting messy mechanical parts.

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