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Heating clothes temperature sensor

This temperature sensor is suitable for household appliances in normal temperature environment, such as air purifiers, air conditioner room temperature, heaters, heating scarf, Yuba, etc. Using axial glass-sealed thermistor chip, glass-sealed thermistor, with heat resistance, cold resistance and very good stability.

two. Product Features

1. Low temperature resistance at -30 ℃ ~ 105 ℃ long-term work without cracking, deformation, and stable resistance.

2. The probe adopts encapsulated epoxy resin material, which has good bonding effect after encapsulation.

3. Waterproof rating: IP67

4. Humidity sensitivity level: 1A level

5. Applicable to: air purifier, air conditioner room temperature, fan heater, heating scarf, bathroom heater, etc.

6. Size specifications and parameters support customization, welcome to consult customer service.

three. Product parameters

1. Resistor resistance value: R (25 ° C) = 5 ~ 10KΩ ± 1%

2. B value: 3380 ~ 3950K ± 1%

3. Operating temperature range: -30 ℃ ~ 105 ℃

4. Thermal time constant: about 15 seconds (in air)

5. Withstand voltage: AC = 1800V * 1mA * 60s without breakdown or flicker

6. Insulation resistance: DC = 500V resistance 100MΩ or more

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