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PT100 platinum resistance

Product introduction:

PT100 is a platinum thermal resistance, its resistance value will change with temperature Change, 100 after PT means that its resistance value is 100 ohms at 0 ℃, its resistance value is about 138.5 ohms at 100 ℃, its resistance value will increase with temperature rising to an approximately uniform speed.

Product features:

1, the use temperature range is very wide (–200 to +850 ° C) and high accuracy, suitable for most applications. Unlike thermocouples, there is no need to use special cables to connect the sensors.

2. Common pt100 temperature-sensing components are ceramic components, glass components, mica Components, they are made of platinum wire wound on ceramic skeleton, glass skeleton, mica skeleton, and then processed through a complex process

3. Used in a variety of occasions, such as pipe type, screw type, magnet adsorption type, stainless steel package type, a variety of models

Application range: < p style = "text-indent: 2em;"> Medical products, motor industry, industrial appliances, temperature calculation, resistance calculation and other high-precision temperature equipment, the application range is very wide.

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