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Temperature probe of constant temperature and humidity shock box

First, product introduction

This temperature sensor adopts K-type thermocouple riveting package, which has heat resistance, cold resistance and very good stability. The probe is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali. The probe has a wide measuring temperature range of -50 ° C to 300 ° C, which is suitable for measuring extreme temperature environments, such as high-temperature ovens, cold and hot circulation instruments, and freezer cabinets.

Second, product features

1, the use temperature range is wide at -50 ℃ ~ 300 ℃ Long-term work temperature measurement error is small.

2. The probe is made of K-type thermocouple wire core wire silicone sheathed wire and stainless steel roll groove extrusion package, which has certain waterproof performance and high temperature resistance , Low temperature resistance, accurate temperature measurement, high sensitivity, long service life and other characteristics.

3. Waterproof rating: IP67 level

4. Humidity sensitivity level: 1A level < / p>

5. Applicable to: high temperature ovens, cold and hot circulation instruments, freezer and other products with a wide measurement temperature range.

6. Wire size specifications and parameters support customization, please contact customer service.

Three, product parameters

1, K-type thermocouple

2. Operating temperature range: -30 ℃ ~ 300 ℃

3. Thermal time constant: about 15 seconds ( In the air)

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