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Industrial oven thermocouple

First, product introduction

This temperature sensor adopts K-type thermocouple riveting package, which has heat resistance Resistance, cold resistance and very good stability, the probe adopts a copper nickel plated nut structure, which is convenient for installation. Probes measuring temperatures up to 650 ° C are suitable for measuring ultra-high temperature appliances, such as high-temperature ovens, industrial ovens, etc.

Second, product features

1, the use temperature range is wide at -30 ℃ ~ 650 ℃ Long-term work temperature measurement error is small.

2. The probe is assembled with a nickel-plated copper nut structure, high-precision and high temperature resistant K-type thermocouple steel mesh wire, etc. It has high temperature resistance, accurate temperature measurement, High sensitivity and long service life.

3. Waterproof rating: IP65 level

4. Moisture sensitivity level: 1A level < / p>

5. Suitable for: high-temperature ovens, industrial ovens and other high-temperature products.

6. Wire size specifications and parameters support customization, please contact customer service.

Three, product parameters

1, K-type thermocouple

2. Working temperature range: -30 ℃ ~ 650 ℃

3. Thermal time constant: about 15 seconds ( In the air)

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