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DS18B20 digital temperature sensor

one. Product introduction:

DS18B20 is a commonly used digital temperature sensor, which outputs a digital signal

two. Product features:

It has the characteristics of small size, low hardware overhead, strong anti-interference ability, high precision and wide operating temperature range. DS18B20 digital temperature sensor is easy to wire, and can be used in a variety of occasions after packaging, such as pipe type, screw type, magnet adsorption type, stainless steel package type, a variety of models

three. Product parameters:

1. Unique single-wire interface mode, DS18B20 only needs one port line to realize two-way communication between the microprocessor and DS18B20 when connected to the microprocessor.

2. Temperature measurement range: -55 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃, inherent temperature measurement error is 1 ℃.

3. Support multi-point networking function, multiple DS18B20s can be connected in parallel on the only three wires, and only a maximum of 8 can be connected in parallel, to achieve multi-point temperature measurement. Of instability.

4. Working power supply: 3.0 ~ 5.5V / DC (the data line can be parasitic power supply)

5. Do not need any peripheral components in use

6. The measurement results are serially transmitted in 9 ~ 12 digits

7. The minimum diameter of the stainless steel protection tube can be 4.5mm

four. Scope of application:

The product is suitable for temperature measurement and control fields such as freezer, granary, storage tank, telecommunication equipment room, power equipment room, cable trunking, etc.

Bearings, cylinders, textile machines, air conditioners, and other small space industrial equipment temperature measurement and control.

Automotive air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, and low-temperature drying ovens.

Heating / cooling pipeline heat metering, central air conditioning household heat metering and industrial temperature measurement and control.

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