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Power thermistor

one. Product Introduction

Power NTC thermistors provide surge current suppression for sensitive electronic equipment. Connecting the thermistor in series with the power supply will limit the current surge that normally occurs when it is turned on. Once the circuit is energized, the thermistor will quickly reduce to a very low value, the power consumption is negligible, and has no effect on the normal operating current. Using a power NTC thermistor is the most cost-effective way to suppress inrush current and protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage.

two. Product Features

1. High-power processing capability, strong surge current

2. Quick response to inrush current

3. Low residual resistance

4. Long service life, high reliability and wide working range

5. Large material constant and low resistance

6. Minimum power loss in steady state (usually only 1W or less than 50W power)

7. Working temperature -55 ~ + 170 ℃

5. Applicable to: power supply and inverter, uninterruptible power supply, energy-saving lamp, electronic ballast

6. Complete parameters, please contact customer service.

three. Product parameters

1. Zero power resistance value R25: 1-120 (Ω)

2. Maximum stable current I: 5 (A)

3. Thermal time constant: <55s

4. Loss factor:> 13mW / ℃

5. Operating temperature range: -55 ~ + 170 ℃

four. Selection guide for high-power NTC thermistor:

1. Maximum working current> actual working current in the power loop

2. When the rated zero power resistance is 25 ℃, E: loop voltage, Im: inrush current

Conversion power, inverter power supply, switching power supply, UPS power supply, Im = 100 times the operating current, for filaments, heaters, Im = 30 times the operating current

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