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Thin film thermistor

First, product introduction:

Thin film thermistor is a small volume produced using new materials and new processes The thin film NTC thermistor has the advantages of high precision and fast response.

Second, product features:

1, high test accuracy

2, small size, fast response

3, can work stably for a long time

4. Flexible installation and interchangeability, easy welding

5. Temperature measurement range -50 ℃ -125 ℃ < / p>

Third, the scope of application:

Air conditioning equipment, heating equipment, electronic thermometers, liquid level transmission Sensor, automotive electronics, electronic calendar, mobile phone battery, notebook, mobile power supply, other ultra-thin temperature-sensitive environment.

Four, matters needing attention:

1, do not bend the resistance wire frame at will to avoid causing The chip and the wire frame fall off and cause poor resistance;

2. The temperature during soldering should not exceed 300 ℃, and the soldering time should not exceed 0.5 seconds; >

3. Use a hot air gun for heat shrinkable casing, the temperature of the air gun should be controlled at about 120 ℃;

4. Use a constant temperature soldering iron when soldering, the tip of the soldering iron is flat, hold the resistance in one hand and the wire for soldering in the other. 5. Special Tip: Do not touch the chip (ie the top of the resistor) with your hand for testing!

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