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High precision common size NTC chip thermistor

NTC thermistor is a resistance whose resistance value will decrease when the body temperature rises. And the utilization rate is extremely high in the fields of new energy, industrial equipment, household appliances, medical equipment and so on.

Today's detailed introduction of this high-precision high-power surface mount NTC thermistor, its appearance electrode planning and thin and dense glass appearance packaging skills, increase the dissipation coefficient, improve the thermistor resistance to harsh environments ( Moisture, salt spray, etc.).

The wide and long strip cutting process can adjust the resistance value more accurately, and improve the performance of high-precision high-power surface mount NTC thermistor.

The characteristics of the NTC thermistor:

1. Non-polarized for installation RoHS compliant

2. Possibility of flow / reflow soldering Good moisture resistance

3. The glass coating has long-term reliability, high reliability and stability

4. Ultra-small size, low capacitance, high B value, high precision and excellent solderability

5. The multilayer structure allows different resistance values in the same B constant

There are 4 common SMD sizes (1206/0805/0603/0402)

Chip size (length x width):

(0402)-1.0 × 0.5mm resistance at 25 ° C:

(0603)-1.6 x 0.8mm 102 = 10 × 102 = 1,000Ω

(0805)-2.0 x 1.25mm 103 = 10 × 103 = 10,000Ω

(1206)-3.2 x 1.6mm 104 = 10 × 104 = 100,000Ω

The product is used for temperature detection of battery packs, CPUs and storage devices; it is also used for temperature compensation of LCD contrast, personal computers, crystal oscillators and car audio equipment.

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