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Application of temperature sensor in mobile phone

Temperature sensor is already in the mobile phone in the early stage Appears, it can detect changes in cell phone battery and processor temperature. The current smart system mobile phones have more temperature sensors, which are suitable for detecting the working conditions of the mobile phones and controlling the degree of hotness of the mobile phones.

Many smart phone systems are equipped with temperature sensors, and some have more than one. Their main purpose is to detect the internal structure of the phone and the temperature of the rechargeable battery. Monitor CPU, motherboard and other hardware to prevent over-temperature and damage. If it is found that the temperature of a certain component is too high and reaches the rated value, the mobile phone will activate the protection device and force the shutdown to prevent the mobile phone from being damaged. In terms of expanding functions, the temperature sensor can also detect changes in the temperature of the outside air, and even more so is the user's body temperature at the time.

Nowadays, the technical level of smart system mobile phones is rapidly upgraded, largely due to the breakthrough of smart sensors in mobile phones, NTC temperature sensor is also very important in the application of mobile phones, and is an important part related to application safety. Temperature sensor plays the main purpose of gradually becoming larger in our days, bringing more people Bento and strengths.

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